Our First Feral Adventure

One of the tenants of Feral-man is pushing your envelope to a level of uncomfortable or even scary. A great way to do that is to have adventures that most men will never have. These are the once-in-a-lifetime trips and events that create the most incredible stories of your life. These are the things that your buddies would never attempt….because they are hard. These are the adventures your male friends would never try because they take serious work and commitment. These are the things most men will never do because they do not think of them as investments in growth.

As our first major official feral-man challenge and adventure, we have registered to ride in RAGBRAI 2020, July 19-25.

What is RAGBRAI? It is a week long bike trek across the entire state of Iowa. 400+ miles from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River in 7 days, in the brutal heat of the Midwest summer. We are gonna document our preparation, training, and life story on this blog.

If you are interested in training and riding with us, contact us via email and we will share the details.


Published by Tristan Licant

My purpose is to expose the truth to men so that they may break free from the chains and prisons in their own mind. I want all men to live the life they truly dream of.

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