“Don’t even think about going into battle alone. Don’t even try to take the masculine journey without at least one man by your side.”

John Eldridge

I was listening to a podcast on the Art of Manliness website about purpose with professor William Damon. You can listen to it by clicking the link. This interview got me to thinking about purpose and passion in our men today. There are plenty of articles on the web about which one is better to harness and have. This debate has been a part of human history for as long as there was written word and, my guess is, probably all the way back to Adam. I wonder if Adam has this discussion with God about his purpose. You know, the same question we ask ourselves today. What is my purpose?

Well, if am being honest, at 43 years young, I am still not sure how to answer that question. Today I was asked “what do you want in the next decade?” I am also struggling to really clearly answer that question as I try to blend it into my purpose. As a Christian, I feel that I must answer with the inclusion of what God wants for me. So, I look at God’s word. Acts 2:42 says “All the believers devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teachings, and to fellowship, and to sharing meals [breaking bread] and to prayer.” When I read this, my eyes are pulled toward the word fellowship. The word “fellowship” draws up some kind of emotion in me. Some would call it passion.

Why do middle age men struggle to find passion? Why do we struggle to find purpose? At one point in your life, I am willing to bet, you had passion and purpose. It was probably when you were young. Maybe it was sports, maybe it was the dream career, maybe it was love. Whatever it was, I am sure it penetrated every area of your life. It guided your decisions. Then you graduated from high school or college and began a life journey. You chose a path and took steps forward. As you took those steps down a path, life got in the way and you probably left behind some or all of those passions. You left that purpose you once had in the rearview mirror, or, maybe, you didn’t really have one. You traded your passions and purpose for the pursuit of money. You traded it in order to climb the corporate ladder. You traded it for marriage. You traded it to pay the bills. You traded it to make OTHER people happy. You traded what you were DESIGNED to do just use up air and wait for death. No, that is not what you wanted, but that is what happened. Is this your cage? Is this YOUR prison? You separated yourself from your heart and set it on a shelf. Most likely not intentionally, but you did it anyway. You separated from the men that were in your life to hold you accountable to those passions. You stopped chasing that purpose WITH passion.

What if I told you that you can CHOOSE to no longer live that way? What if I told you that you can CHOOSE to find that passion in your life again?

So, I turn back to the word “fellowship”. I believe that we all crave fellowship. We crave a deep, meaningful relationship with other men. I believe we are scared to be honest and admit that we need other men to expose our souls. We are scared to be vulnerable with other men. We need other men to help us take MASSIVE action to take our hearts off the shelf and put it back at the center of our lives. We need other men to go to battle to break out of the prisons we have created in our own minds and be free. We need fellowship with other men to live the lives that we were designed to live.

What do I want in the next 10 years? Amazing fellowship with other men that want to explore their edge and LIVE. This is some of the stuff that we will continue to explore here. Join us.

Published by Tristan Licant

My purpose is to expose the truth to men so that they may break free from the chains and prisons in their own mind. I want all men to live the life they truly dream of.

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